"Let the best plan for you arise from within yourself."

Fritz Perls

Exhaustion, panic attacks, depression and burnout - for years the number of sick leaves due to psychological problems has been rising continuously. The feeling of being overwhelmed in certain phases, of not knowing what to do, is not a sign of weakness; seeking support in these phases is a sign of personal maturity. I offer you this support. As a professor of psychology and non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I combine science with therapeutic practice. I will show you the answers that research has given to your life questions and I will support you in putting these insights into practice. My focus is on dealing with anxiety, depression and burnout as well as counselling women in leadership positions. 

Myriam Bechtoldt

Anxiety, Depression and Burnout

Anxiety and depression are among the most common psychic disorders; burnout is a state of profound exhaustion and reduced performance that resembles depression. In 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized burnout as a separate diagnosis, which differs from depression in that the problem is primarily related to the situation at work. After a comprehensive diagnosis that clarifies which problems are at the forefront of your mind, I will develop a personal treatment plan with you to overcome exhaustion and anxiety and regain your quality of life.

Women & Leadership

Moving up into a management position as a woman still means working with mostly male colleagues. Being a minority - based on gender, sexual orientation, religion or culture - in the face of a majority is a challenge. As a professor, I am familiar with this situation both from my research and from personal experience. With both, I support you in defining and developing your role as a leader - especially your enjoyment of it. 

My Services

I offer schematherapeutic and systemic psychotherapy (according to the Heilpraktiker-Law) as well as coaching. Psychotherapy according to the Heilpraktiker Law is a private service, which is not paid by health insurance companies. You find further information about me and my treatment methods on the following pages.